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How much does it cost to fit double glazing to static caravan..

static caravan double glazing how much does it cost

How much does it cost to install double glazing into my static caravan...

This is a great question and the price of static caravan double glazing can vary depending on your requirements .

Profile colour the colour of your new double glazing can have a big impact on the cost, foiled double glazing frames are more expansive than the standard white frames this will normally increase the quotation by around 25 % .

Window styles also have to be considered the more complex your windows the bigger the price tag thats why static caravans generally have smaller windows where the hole window is opening or fixed, fixed is going to be the cheapest option then a full opener , double glazing windows that are split with one side opening and one side fixed will work out the more expensive option .

Type of glass There are different glazing option like leaded glass , Georgian bars , A rated double glazed units these can also have an impact on your quotation generally standard glass units will be good enough for static caravan double glazing windows and doors .

Distance how far we have to travel to fit your new static caravan double glazing windows , how long it will take and weather an overnight stop is required are all factors that have to be considered when working out the cost of the installation . .

So how much will it cost to fit double glazing to my static caravan..

Ok lets assume you have a standard static caravan with standard size windows all in the white profile with no fancy glass and the installation is local , 11 slimline static caravan double glazed windows and 1 single double glazed static caravan door the cost would be around The £2700 mark including Vat , the cost of the static caravan double glazing could differ of course depending on your requirements but this should give you a guide of what you can expect to pay .

Call us for s free quotation on static caravan double glazing windows and doors

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